Welcome to the website of TINA HILL artist/printmaker

My work explores elemental transformations and the passage of time. With time and neglect corrugated sheets twist and perforate, metals rust and crumble, paint peels and fades. The ordered becomes disordered.

More than just reflecting the natural cycles of birth and death, construction and destruction, I am interested in - 'new life from old'; how artefacts can be discarded as worthless by one society only to be sought after and conserved by another. In this my work draws upon archaeology, geology and museum artefact as sources of information and inspiration.

Printmaking as a process allows me to incorporate parts of one print into another, producing new images and concepts from fragments of old.

As parts, fragmentation, transmutations and stratification are key elements in my work I try to express these ideas through the use of texture, colour and multiple layers or surfaces. My use of texture and colour also echoes the processes of decay and dissolution, the imprints and stains of time.

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